Greysun Centrifuge

is an industry leading, ISO 9001:2015 certified rotating equipment repair facility.  Greysun offers a wide range of products and services for decanter centrifuges, vertical cuttings dryers, tri-canter centrifuges, and basket centrifuges.  Our passion for rotating equipment has led to the constant expansion of specialty tooling and our aptitude.  With over 40 years experience between our project management team, there is no problem Greysun Centrifuge cannot diagnose and solve.  

Experience Expertise

With several decades worth of combined experience Greysun Centrifuge has evolved to more than just a decanter centrifuge rebuilder and supplier. Our total immersion approach into a multitude of processes is what sets us apart. Over the years, the Greysun team has designed and built integrated systems that combine multiple pieces of rotating equipment together in order to achieve high through put demands or precise product spec requirements.


We have built a reputation for being flexible to customer specific needs. If your situation is unique, we are willing to work with you to find the perfect solution. GreySun offers financing on both new and used decanter centrifuges purchases.


Before and after sale support is a major part of the customer experience. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility is accessible to customers 365 days a year if required. A 24 hr tech service number is also available for anyone who needs support. 281-642-1841


Industry leader

In 2010, Greysun started because there was a shortage of high quality decanter centrifuge rental equipment. By 2012 in order to maintain the decision was made to implement manual engine lathes, balancing equipment and full line of welding processes thus transforming Greysun into a self sufficient centrifuge rental and repair company. Not only could we supplement our client's fleet when a unit went offline/out of service we could also compliment their fleet by repairing the unit while ours worked in its place. First quarter of 2015, the entire operation was moved to a new 18,800 sqft facility in Conroe, Texas. In 2017, Greysun Centrifuge & Kyte Centrifuge partner to create an all-inclusive separation equipment supply source accompanied with startup consulting/optimization services. In 2018, Greysun Centrifuge Becomes ISO 9001: 2015 certified, Greysun /Kyte amass largest inventory of used decanter centrifuges in US. In 2019, KG decanter product line is designed and manufactured. In 2020, KG decanter centrifuge product line deployed for R&D and peer review awarded.

Centrifuge Company

Greysun Centrifuge is the industry leader in centrifuge repair.